Aerospace Engineering is a constituted  branch of engineering including design, manufacturing, test, research and development, repairs and maintenance regarding manned and unmanned air and space flight vehicles.  Any economical, scientific and technological  product or service  gained from our planet’s surrounding atmosphere  and outer space, for civil or military purposes, are relevant to this engineering branch. Air and space flight vehicles are the products of various technological and engineering areas including aerodynamics, propulsion, avionics, materials science, structural analysis and manufacturing. The interaction among these technologies is known as Aerospace Engineering.

The Department of Aerospace Engineering students have been instructed to create and develop economically and technically feasible, environmental friendly  air and space flight vehicles which will be used  in transportation, exploration, communication,  national/global defence areas.

Aerospace sector has been filling in its position all over the world by providing attractive job opportunities, gradually. Design and manufacturing, repairs and maintenance, aviation transportation management are main working areas in this high technological sector. As a yielding result of  comprehensive schooling, aerospace  engineers who gain many competences, can find jobs, primarily,  in automotive and energy sectors, as well.