Department Head's Message

Dear Students;

Welcome to Department of Aerospace Engineering (AE) at the İzmir University of Economics (İUE). The department was established in 2016 to offer B.S.  degree in the disciplines of aeronautics and astronautics. Thus, the name of the department “Aerospace” refers to the two disciplines.

The department  aims to produce graduates who are equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the challenges in the aerospace sector. Therefore, the curriculum has been designed to combine major disciplinary functions of aeronautics and astronautics.  The academic staffs have broad experience in diverse areas as aerodynamics, flight mechanics, combustion systems, astrophysics, and orbital mechanics right along with fundamental engineering areas such as thermodynamics, heat transfer etc.

The AE Department of İUE is undergoing a rapid expansion in the number of students and faculty, as well as research space. Some of these are mentioned  below:

  • AE's new  laboratuaries named  “Simulation and Design”, “Aerodynamics”, and “Propulsion Systems” are located in a brand new education and research building of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The number of faculty has grown by new  members.
  • We have growing number of students  who have higher entering academic credentials.

Wish you to soar to new heights…

Prof. M. Barış ÖZERDEM, Ph.D.

Head of the Department